Libby Verber

Libby Verber peacefully passed from this world to Jesus' arms on Oct 9, 2011 after a three year struggle with breast cancer. Her last days were spent in her Mountain View, CA home with family and friends thanks to the support on Hospice of the Valley. Libby kept a caringbridge journal describing her journey with cancer. Libby's husband Mark wrote a tribute to Libby.

Libby had a passion for learning throughout her life and enjoyed success in her academic studies. She felt her ability to excel in academics was a gift from God: a responsibly not a bragging point. Through Libby academic life she recieved numerous awards including being a national merit finalist, valedictroian at Worthington High School in 1982, top of her Speech & Hearing Sciences Masters program at The Ohio State University. Later in life she returned to school and earned at AuD from A.T. Stills University.

Libby loved language the wonder of communictions. Her under graduate degree was in linguistics, but she longed for a carreer that would provide direct help to others. Libby found her calling in audiology. To Libby, being an audiologist was much more than just a job, it was a service of love. In Libby's last years she specialized in helping people with Auditory Processing Disorder. Libby worked as an at Pacific Hearing Service, Camino Medical Group, and at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Most important to Libby was following Jesus. She became a Christian at the age of sixteen when she realized that God truly loved her, and would forgive her. She was amazed that that God wanted the very best for her. This revelation brought changes that anyone who met Libby could see. Faith in this loving God guided the rest of Libby's life. Faith and love were woven into the very fabric of her life. Libby spent her life in service to her Lord, bringing love add compassion to every encounter. Libby devoted her time to energy to people: family, close friends, church members, missionaries, students and teachers in local schools, patients and coworkers in the medical practices. Libby was involved in a wide variety of ministries within the church: co-leading a house church and many small group Bible studies, welcoming international students, coordinating and mobilizing missions work, helping with children, and working with college students, young couples, and young mothers. Libby had a love and gift for mentoring young women. Beyond this things Libby was truly a women of prayer. She had a rich, private life of prayer. Libby delighted to share prayer with others. She was a regular participant in Wellspring, orginized prayer groups, and taught seminars of contemplative prayer.

Libby is survived by her husband Mark, daughter Helen, brother Andy and sister-in-law Kate Whitman, sister Cathy Whitman, sister-in-law Marilyn Verber, mother-in-laws Anne LaPidus & Nancy Verber, and a number of loved nieces and nephews.

A memorial service was held at Peninsula Bible Church Nov 12, 2011 at 2pm.